Greetings to all!

Hello all,

You may be wondering where the hell we have been. Well the answer is simple, we have been living life. A lot of things have changed for us and we are all enjoying new adventures in life. Our lead guitarist Etienne has relocated for a change of scenery and starting his new journey in life. The rest of us have either gotten married, changed day jobs or just become perpetually bogged down with everyday life. While we are away for a bit longer, don’t forget that you can still stream Death of A Stereotype on Spotify! Keep checking back, who knows you may find new music.




Where we’ve been, where we are and where we are going…

Hey everyone! The past 2 and a half years have been too dope. We have traveled, played music, opened for a legend and made music that means something to the people who listen to it. We have a lot of fun being able to create the AKAXTRC sound. Now comes the part that a lot of people might not like. Due to our continued support of each other and our individual interests. We will be stepping away from performing until further notice. Many people have been asking us what this means for AKAXTRC. Honestly, it just means that when we do perform you’re going to want to be there. We will still be creating music and who knows we might release a music video or two here and there.  Be on the look out for new music from us in the near future!


So it’s only 6 days way! Our opportunity to open up for George Clinton & The Parliament Funkadelic!  While we wish that we could invite all of our fans out,  the show is sold out!  But don’t worry, we have another show coming up on April 29th!! Thank you all for your continued support.



On The Horizon…..

Just wanted to give you all an update on what’s going on with AKAXTRC!!

We had a dope and productive practice. We can’t wait to arrange these songs that we are writing!

We are currently getting ready for some upcoming shows and we are waiting to hear back about a dope show opportunity if it is granted to us…can’t say much more on that one but STAY TUNED! – AKAXTRC